Row-level Security

Allow you to restrict access and control data visibility at the row level based on user roles or permissions

What is Row-level Security?

Row-level security (RLS) is a data governance feature of Data Insider used to limit a user's access to certain data. You can define filters for each Attribute Value, and these filters restrict data access to query and view at the row level.

Define Attribute Name and Value

1. On the Main Screen, click Settings, select Organization Settings

2. Access to the User Managements section, all user's information will be displayed here.

3. Click the user name then click View Profile to set up attributes

4. Click Add Attribute: Rocket.BI allows System Administration to freely customized user attributes.

Attribute Name: the specific name for the user attribute.

Attribute Value: set a unique value for the attribute.

5. Input attribute and value. Let's go over a brief example below to better understand how to configure Row-level Permission.

Use Cases

You run an international company selling different types of items. You want to build a reporting system that each manager in charge of each sales channel should only see data related to their channel: Online or Offline.

For the Online channel manager, you input the attribute role and value online

Set Up Row-level Security

RLS can be set up in the Schema feature at dataset level. Data from all Dashboard, Query Analysis, or Data Cook generated from this dataset will be restricted with the value from the RLS setup.

1. Select the table in the Database that you want to add RLS, then click RLS to edit

2. Enter the attribute name and choose the condition then enter the attribute value (if the condition is in or equal)

3. Click Add Filter to choose the type of filter:

  • View All: this attribute is allowed to view all the table data

  • View Nothing: this attribute is now allowed to view any data in this table

  • Custom: select the fields to show only the data that you want the attribute can access

In this case, we set up the attribute to view only Online channel. At this time, the dataset displayed on the right still shows both channels.

4. After set up the RLS, the dataset will show only filtered data based on the value of the attribute.


Here is a demo of how to set up RLS

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