Chart Settings

Click Edit in the sidebar menu to open the edit menu. ​Click the Setting icon in the upper left corner of each chart, there are several actions you can do with your chart. See the list of chart here: Chart Types

Edit title

Change the title of the created chart

Config chart

You can change the chart config or the field value of each property by single-clicking on the condition of the field.

For more advanced config, click the three-dot button next to each field to see the config data menu.

Change the column display name

Change the functions of each value

Text value

  • Group by: groups rows that have the same values into summary rows

  • None: groups all rows with all values

Numeric value

  • Aggregation: the values of multiple rows are grouped to form a single summary value.

  • Sorting: unsorted or sorted out the value in descending or ascending order

  • Display top N elements: when you input the N number, the chart will only display top N elements of that value

Date value

  • Date histogram: A multi-bucket aggregation similar to the histogram except it can only be applied to date values. From a functionality perspective, this histogram supports the same features as the normal histogram. The main difference is that the interval can be specified by date/time expressions.

  • Choose the time interval

Add chart filter

Apply an inner filter to your chart. See more: Chart filter

Duplicate chart

Make a copy of the selected chart


Remove the selected chart

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