Bullet Graph Chart

A variation of a bar graph

1. What is a Bullet Graph chart?

A bullet graph chart is a variation of a bar chart that shows the progress or performance towards a target. Each bar focuses on one measure, and the target is considered as the line that a measure should reach or exceed.

When to use Bullet Graph chart?

A bullet graph chart is typically used when there is a need to display a single measure or KPI along with additional context, such as a target or comparison range. It is particularly useful when you want to convey information about performance, progress, or achievement of a specific metric in a concise and intuitive manner.

2. How to build a Bullet Graph chart with example

The bullet graph chart is a valuable tool for representing the total number of orders as a KPI, providing a comprehensive visual display that includes the actual order count, a target or goal, and reference ranges, allowing businesses to effectively track and assess order performance in relation to targets and benchmarks, facilitating data-driven decision-making for optimizing order management strategies.

  1. Click Click here to add your first chart

  2. In the menu, select Bullet Graph to create a Bullet Graph chart

3. Bullet Graph Chart Config

  1. Select the database you use to create suggested in the list

  2. Choose the table containing the data you use to create, then it will show you the list of fields included in the table

  3. Drag/drop or select the Value number

  4. Drag/drop or select the Filters field to emphasize a specific data (optional)

  5. You can see the visualization of your chart on the left side and select Settings to change the element’s settings


You can change the title of the chart, choose the font, color and size of the name. You can also add the subtitle and change its format.


You have to set the minimum and the maximum number of the chart based on your Value number, and set the Milestone of the progress.


You can choose your favorite range color.


You can set the target line and change its format. You can also change the format of the bullet.


When you hover over a bullet of the chart, a text box appears to display information about the data of that bullet. You can change the text color, font, and background.


Change the display unit, precision, and other functions

6. After building the chart visualization, click Add to create your chart.

7. Your chart will show up along with actions like sharing, editing, etc.

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