Drill down

Allow users to view details rather than just a broad view of data

What is drill down?

By clicking on a metric in a chart, users can quickly take a deep dive into a dataset by drilling down from that metric. It allows users to descend from one level of a specified data stack to the next to explore detailed information in a chart from various perspectives.

How to set up a Drill down?

1. Right-click on a chart to open a dropdown menu, then click Drill down. If you right-click on a specific metric of a chart, it will start drilling down directly from that metric.

2. Select a dimension to drill down

Use cases

By drilling down into a specific order date, a spider web chart on sales performance results by item type might allow a user to better understand why one order date (in this case is 2017) outperformed another.

The chart is automatically refreshed with additional detail after clicking on Item Type dimension, this displays all item types 2017 and their various sales performances. In this case, you can see that Household has the greatest sales performance in 2017.

The value chosen is typically used as a filter for the level down each time a user drills down in a chart. When a user drills down to Region, they will only see the regions for the Household dimension, not all the regions.

3. To further explore that specific metric, right-click in the chart/metric and continue to select the dimension to drill down

4. Clicking the name of the dimension to drill up

5. To remove drill down, right-click on the chart/metric then click Reset drill down


Here is a demo of how to set up a drill down in a spider web chart

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