Ad-hoc Query

To explore data & quickly build the visualization. There are also supported functions & autocompletion for SQL query.

Create a database

1. To create a database, click the adding button

2. Type the database name, then click Create

View database

When clicking the name of the database you want to view, tables contained in the database will be shown with information about the owner and the created time. You can rename or remove it by clicking the action buttons.

Table in database

After clicking the table name, you can access the Table Schema, Table Data, Measure Schema, and Calculated Field. Click Action to query table, or delete table.

Table Schema

Click Edit to change the display name, data type, write a description, add the default value to the data, or enable Encryption. You can also add a new column to the table.

Table Data

Data from each column will be shown here.

Measure Schema

Data from measurement will be shown here. See more: Measure Schema

Calculated Filed

Data from calculation will be shown here. See more: Calculated Field


Your created RLS will be shown here. See more: Row-level Security

Create new table

  1. To create a new table, click New table

2. Input table name, then click Create


You can add people and groups to share the database and delete the selected database.

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