1. What is CSV?

A CSV (comma-separated values) file is a plain text file in which information is separated by commas. It allows data to be saved in a table or spreadsheet structured format. CSV files are generally used to transfer data across applications that can not open the same file format.

2. Add CSV Data Source

1. Click Add Data Source

2. In the menu, select CSV

3. Drag/drop a document or browse your CSV files

4. After uploading your csv file, you can preview some first rows.

  • You can use the first row in the sheet as headers or let it generated.

  • You can change the delimiter separating text strings.

  • Batch upload metadata can be included.

  • You can also change the file encoding.

  • You can change the data type of each header. It supports basic types to represent logical values, numbers, and strings.

5. Click Next to add dataset

3. Upload dataset

  1. Select or create new database: select one database suggested in the data source, or you can create new database.

  2. Select or create new table: select one table suggested in the list, or you can create new table.

  3. Click Next to upload data. After successfully uploading, you can view details and data.

4. Demo

This is a demo of the entire process of adding CSV Data Source.

We hope that the above instructions will be useful to you. Let's have a look at our other articles to learn more about adding other databases with Data Insider.

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