The Fundamental

Learn the basics of DataInsider to see how the platform provides businesses the capability to gather, process, and analyze the data without having to execute difficult technical tasks

What is The DataInsider?

DataInsider is a data management and analytics platform that provides you the seamless processing power. Developed by the data dedicated team, you will find powerful and complete data management tools to build the solution, including Data Ingestion, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and many more sophisticated tools to help you develop the solution that works for you most in a short time span.

The DataInsider capability

We continue to expand our capability to include the latest development of data science in our platform. As our capability expands, the platform ultimately becomes more powerful to help you gather, clean, and analyze data at ease. Our platform offers a clean and simple UI that you can navigate through the complex processes without fear of losing track. Data processing has become intuitively easy with Data Insider.

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