Slicer Filter

A slicer filter allows you to drag to view and select a value from a range

1. How to create a Slicer filter?

1. When you create a filter from a ready dashboard, click Edit in the sidebar menu, then click Adding to Add Chart​

2. In the menu, select Slicer Filter

2. Slicer filter Config

1. Select the database that you use to create suggested in the list

2. Choose the table containing the data you use to create, then it will show you the list of fields included in the table​

3. Drag/drop or select the Value property (optional):

  • To use slicer as a chart filter, you need to add a property

  • When you skip this Value property, the slicer will show only the visualization and can be used as a Chart Control

4. Click Settings to change the element’s setting.


You can change the title of the filter, choose the font, color and size of the name.


Adjust the step value and select comparison options:

  • Greater/less than: the value is more than/less than the given limit

  • Greater/less than or equal to: the value is either more than/less than or equal to the given limit


You can change the background color of the filter.

5. Click the Settings icon again to update or remove the filter of the chart

6. When you've set a filter, it will be applied to all charts in the dashboard. Click the Filter icon on the right top of a chart to show all the filters and turn them on/off.

3. Demo

Here is a demo of how to create and use a slicer filter

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