Data Ingestion

To begin your data analysis journey, feed some data into the platform

On the Main Screen, click Data Ingestion

The sections for Data Ingestion are Data Source (default section), Jobs, Queued Jobs, Jobs History.

Data Source

In this section, you can add new data to your system, modify or remove the existing data.

Add Data Source

With DataInsider, you can add various types of data sources into the database, either from other cloud services or from spreadsheet files from your computer. When you add the data source, you also have the opportunity to map and refine the data sources. Click ➕ Add Data Source.

Modify, or delete a data source

  • To edit the existing data source, click on it or click the pencil icon 🖉 next to the data source.

  • To delete any data source, click the trash bin 🗑 icon next to the data source listed. You can choose to execute multiple jobs at once.


The Jobs menu is where you create automated jobs and schedule them to work with your database.

Add a job

Click ➕ Add Job.

Edit, force a sync, delete a job

  • Edit or delete an existing job

Click on any job row or the … button to edit an existing job or delete it.

  • Force a sync

Click Force Sync to force executing the job.

  • You can choose to execute multiple jobs at once.

  • You can set time to automatically update your jobs after a specific time, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest information effortlessly.

Sync Status Explanation

These are the possibilities of the status and what each status means for the Jobs:


Last Sync


The last synchronization is success.


The last synchronization is not success. Check Jobs History for further information.

Current Sync


The synchronization is in the line, ready to be processed.


The system acknowledge the synchronization, and ready to send it to the queue.


The synchronization is running.


The synchronization is success.

Queued Jobs

Keep track of all your syncing jobs.

Jobs History

See what jobs have been done in the system so far. You can track all the activities of the jobs, including the time, status, and how many rows each job has generated.

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