Google Sheets

1. What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is Google's cloud-based spreadsheet application within the Google Drive service. It allows users to edit, organize, and analyze different kinds of data. It supports collaborations and enables simultaneous editing and formatting by multiple users in real-time. Every modification is automatically saved, and you can view changes as they are made.

2. Add Google Sheets Data Source

1. Click Add Data Source

2. In the menu, select Google Sheets

3. Click Access to Google Account in the pop-up window

4. Choose a Google account to continue and allow to access your data

5. Select one spreadsheet suggested on the list, then select one sheet contained in the selected spreadsheet

6. Click Next, your Google Sheets will preview some first rows

  • You can use the first row in the sheet as headers or let it generated.

  • You can change the data type of each header. It supports basic types to represent logical values, numbers, and strings.

7. Click Next to add Google Sheets job

3. Add Google Sheets job

1. Config information for Google Sheets

  • Job name: input the display name of the sheet

  • Select or create new database: select one database suggested in the data source, or you can create new database.

  • Select or create new table: select one table suggested in the list, or you can create new table.

  • Scheduler type: choose the type you want to sync

  • Run only once: only runs one time at a designated Date and Time

  • Recurring: set up the repeated sync using the time scheduler

  • Frequency: select the time interval between the data sync

2. Click Next

3. Check your synced job: Synced Jobs will be displayed in Jobs with the information of their mode, status, date synced, and action. You can click Force Sync to sync manually to ensure you access the up-to-date data.

4. Click the Jobs History to see what jobs have been done in the system so far. You can track all the activities of the jobs, including the time, the number of occurrences, and how many columns each job has generated.

4. Demo

This is a demo of the entire process of adding Google Sheets Data Source.

We hope that the above instructions will be useful to you. Let's have a look at our other articles to learn more about adding other databases with Data Insider.

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